Back to my roots on WordPress!

OK, I tried Medium for a while, but that platform always ended up guilting me into writing really long posts, and whenever I spend a long time writing something, I start getting annoyed that I’m not getting paid for it. Sometimes that turns out well, because you pitch something to a publication that you wrote in your free time and they end up publishing it and paying you. Other times they’re not interested, and you don’t get paid and publishing it on your blog feels like a rather pathetic consolation prize.

But in neither of those scenarios am I accomplishing what I’ve long set out to do, which is to just have a blog with daily updates about whatever I’m covering. Like I did during my youth in Madison, Wisconsin.

So I dug out my old wordpress password and created this blog. I’m going to try to commit to writing once a day and keeping every post to under 500 words. I hope to focus mostly on city of Austin politics.

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