What’s up with these bike racks?

It was only a few months ago that I figured out how to make use of what I previously thought were practically useless bike racks.


A guy in front of Irie Bean suggested I put my front wheel over the top bar. The back of the front wheel then partially sits in one of the slots, allowing me to lock both the frame of the bike and the front wheel to the bike rack, as per best practices. So that’s how these things work, I thought.

But actually, I don’t know if that’s even how they’re supposed to work. When I look up pictures of similar bike racks online, I see this:


Or this:


These photos suggest that the goal of these racks is simply to provide something to lock your front wheel to. That’s better than nothing but worse than a lamp post. Can somebody explain the reasoning behind these racks? As far as my bike is concerned, I’ve discovered a way to make great use of them, but I think that might be by accident.

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