Thank you, Cap Metro (seriously)

It’s tough to be a public transit agency. When people aren’t complaining about your buses being old and dirty, they’re complaining about the shiny new buses being a waste of money. You try to build trendy new shelters with digital signs and people point out that the shelters don’t shelter them from the sun and the rain. You just can’t win.

But I would like to highlight some great customer service I received from Cap Metro a couple weeks ago. I bought 10 bus passes on the Metro app in the morning. Later that day, when I got on the bus, I opened the app and none of the passes were available, forcing me to buy another one.

So I did what any self-respecting millennial would do: I complained on Twitter. The Cap Metro account promptly responded, encouraging me to email customer service, which I did. Not 40 minutes had passed before I received this delightful response:

Your passes have been added to your account.

Also, you had five passes from 2017 that were locked to your device, those passes should be accessible to you now.


John Torres

Fuck yeah! I thought those five passes, which I had bought with a previous phone, were a goner. They had frustratingly continued to show up on my new phone but were “locked” because I had apparently bought them through the device instead of the cloud…or whatever the technical explanation is.

Anyway, thanks John and Cap Metro for delivering such a prompt response. This attentiveness to customer complaints is not a given in the world of public transit. I certainly couldn’t count on it when I was growing up in France and riding the Paris Metro, one of the greatest public transit systems in the world. I specifically recall as a middle-schooler tapping on the window of the customer service booth while the only employee present pretended not to see me. “She was probably on her break,” my mom later reasoned.

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