Every fist-to-five is sacred history

Is there any way the city could waste even more time on the mayor’s “fist-to-five” votes? Anti-CodeNEXT activist Bill Aleshire has an idea.

Attorney Bill Aleshire has alerted Mayor Steve Adler that a constituent saw a problem with the new method of counting City Council votes at Tuesday’s work session on CodeNEXT.

That method required members to signal their support for an idea by raising one to five fingers for mild to enthusiastic support and a fist for no support.

Aleshire wrote in an email to the mayor and Council, “The problem raised by your constituent is that the finger vote by each member was not announced orally, and camera did not show how each member voted. We don’t know, yet, if each fist-to-5 finger vote is even going to be reflected in the minutes.”

On the bright side, if each of these useless votes is recorded, it could make a cool little data project. It’d be interesting to compare the average number of fingers each Council member put up at the end of the process.

Alternatively, the mayor could implement a frown-to-smile system. “Big smile from Greg, little smile from Ann…Delia? Smile or frown, Delia?”

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