Laura Morrison’s first campaign ad

Over the weekend Laura Morrison released her first ad in her campaign for mayor.

I would be interested to hear from people who aren’t intimately familiar with Austin politics or don’t have strong opinions about Morrison or Adler think of this ad. I think that it does a good job of presenting her as likable, caring and trustworthy. But I don’t think it has a strong message. She is using vague, coded language that means a lot to a small group of active citizens but means very little to the average general election voter:

“When we look at how do we manage growth and how do we change the land development code, we need to make sure it’s done in a way that helps each of the areas to grow and evolve. We need to address housing affordability, address mobility, and we need to restore trust in City Hall.”

Everybody thinks the rent or mortgage is too damn high and that traffic is a disaster. But how will her approach be better than that mayor who wrote that funny letter about Wonder Woman? He’s a Democrat, right?

Restore trust in City Hall? Again, I understand there is a dedicated minority of neighborhood association activists who view City Hall as a facade for the Real Estate Council of Austin, but I don’t think the great majority of Austinites going to the polls in November have a strong sense that their local government is a cesspool. This isn’t New Jersey.

So far, I think the ad is probably just online. I checked the public records for the four network TV stations  and I didn’t see any ad buys from either side yet.


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