Here’s how much each Council member’s home is worth

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Austin is 55% renters, but almost everybody making decisions about land use in the city is a homeowner. And most of them have pretty valuable homes. That’s not to say that some of them don’t struggle. Some of them may very well have a hard time paying their property taxes with their current (or past) income. But the fact that they have high-valued homes provides them a certain financial security that most of their constituents don’t enjoy.

Here’s a look at their home values.

District 1: Ora Houston’s house on E. 22nd St., which she has owned since 1982, is appraised at $497k. In 2014 it was appraised at $383k. Houston also owns a vacant plot of land on Maple Ave. that was appraised at $275,000.

District 2: Delia Garza has the cheapest house on Council. Her house just south of Stassney, was appraised at $292k. Back in 2014 it was appraised at $198k.

District 3:  Pio Renteria’s home on Haskell St. was appraised at $520k. Four years ago it was appraised at only $320k.

District 4: Greg Casar’s home, which is just north of Koenig Rd., was appraised at $380k, up from $289k in 2014.

District 5: Ann Kitchen’s home in Barton Hills is worth $668k, up from $489k four years ago.

District 6: Jimmy Flannigan is the only non-property owner on the dais.

District 7: Leslie Pool’s house in Rosedale is appraised at $756k, up from $532k in 2014.

District 8: Ellen Troxclair’s home is located to the west of Loop 360, amidst a number of neighborhoods with “estates” or “terraces” in their name. Her house was appraised at $726k, up from $448k in 2014, the year before she purchased the home.

District 9: Kathie Tovo’s house in the Heritage neighborhood is worth $746k, up from $539k in 2014. She also owns another property nearby worth $450k.

District 10: Alison Alter’s home in Rosedale was appraised at $969k, up from $625k in 2014.

Mayor Steve Adler, of course, takes the cake. He’s got a $1.35 million home on Wildwind Point, way out west, which was worth $1.05 million in 2014. Then Adler’s got his 4,300 square foot condo in the W building, appraised at $3.95 million. Only four years ago it was appraised at $2.35 million.

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