Adler running TV ads, none for Morrison yet

The mayor just posted this:

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.12.53 PM.png

Laura Morrison has also made campaign videos, some of which have racked up a respectable number of views online. Her 1-minute campaign intro, for instance, has apparently been viewed 15,000 times.

So far, however, it doesn’t look like she’s bought any airtime on TV yet. I don’t see any ad buys from her campaign on any of the four networks. In contrast, Mayor Steve Adler has already purchased about $60,000 for 193 spots:

KXAN (NBC): $14,865 (28 spots)

KVUE (ABC): $16,070 (46)

KEYE (CBS): $21,885 (75)

KTBC (FOX): $7,025 (44)

The most expensive spot was $1,125 on KXAN’s 10 o’clock news, followed closely by $1,015 for the 6 o’clock news and Wheel of Fortune. In contrast, the 10 o’clock news on only cost $800 on KEYE (the Sinclair-owned station) and $785 on KVUE. Interestingly, the 10 o’clock news on Fox 7 is dirt cheap ($275) but it has a 9 o’clock newscast that costs $720 per spot.

Anyway…it’s not as if Morrison isn’t advertising. Just not on TV. So far this year she has spent about $4,200 on Facebook ads and about $600 on Twitter ads. She paid $825 to advertise in the Austin Chronicle and $115 to advertise in TODO Austin. She also shelled out $5,700 over the last three months on yard signs, buttons, bumper stickers and the like  (note: I didn’t check what she has spent for the whole year…I don’t have time/patience now).

Most interestingly, Morrison paid $7.6k to local firm Steve Mims Films on Sept. 13 for video production. Was that for services already rendered or for another ad that might yet appear on TV? I don’t know.

I really don’t know how important TV ads are in an age when a growing segment of the electorate doesn’t watch live television anymore. It’s not whether or not they have a role to play, but how big that role is compared to other forms of media, notably online ads and social media. The same is true of direct mail. Even if half the people I know don’t know how to send a letter, direct mail still may be a cost-effective way to gain name recognition or even sway swing voters.

If Morrison had more money, she’d already have her TV ads lined up, like Adler. We’ll see if she gets on the air in the next few weeks.

One thought on “Adler running TV ads, none for Morrison yet

  1. “Interestingly, the 10 o’clock news on Fox 7 is dirt cheap ($275) but it has a 9 o’clock newscast that costs $720 per spot.”

    Just as a general FYI: in the 30ish years of its existence as a “Big Four” network, Fox has never aired original programming during the 9 o’clock hour (Central time). Instead, it’s allowed local stations to program their own shows in the 9-to-10 time slot. As such, it’s where most local Fox stations ended up airing their evening news, for folks who prefer to watch it an at earlier hour. Adding a 10 o’clock newscast on Fox stations is a relatively new development, so I’m assuming most of its audience still watches at 9pm, or at least that’s the case in Austin (hence its substantially higher ad rates, which are almost always proportional to audience size).

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