#ATXCouncil candidates not endorsing each other

A few weeks ago Council Member Ora Houston endorsed Laura Morrison for mayor. While there are no doubt at least a couple other Council members who would prefer to have Morrison in office (Pool and Tovo…probably Alter), nobody else appears to be sticking their neck out against the incumbent.

But people don’t seem any more inclined to openly support Adler. I can think of at least four Council members who will be pulling the lever for the mayor (Casar, Renteria, Garza, Flannigan) but I believe only Flannigan and Kitchen have put out endorsements.

The same goes for the Council races. Most members of Council are staying out of it, with a few notable exceptions. Houston has endorsed Vincent Harding to be her successor in District 1 and Troxclair has endorsed Ward to succeed her in District 8. Adler, Casar, Flannigan and Garza are open about their support for Pio in District 3. Otherwise I haven’t seen Council members endorsing or contributing to Council candidates.

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