Bobby Levinski thanks press in concession


Bobby Levinski’s campaign for the District 8 Council district. Urbanists and others in support of land use/housing reform were horrified at the prospect of him winning because of who he’s  worked for in the past: Laura Morrison, Kathie Tovo and, most recently, Save Our Springs under Bill Bunch. Levinski also worked with Community Not Commodity to get the anti-CodeNEXT petition on the ballot.

And yet, during his campaign, Levinski stressed that he did not see himself as on either side of the polarized debate over housing and development. He responded to an AURA questionnaire with answers that generally suggested he would not be deferential to neighborhood associations.

Anyway, Levinski released this statement after his third-place finish the other night.

Congratulations to Paige Ellis and Frank Ward for making it into the runoff. It was a very close election, and the results–as we suspected throughout–show we had four qualified and credible candidates. I will be meeting with each of Paige and Frank over the next couple days to personally congratulate them. District 8 voters will make a choice this December between two great people, who I have enjoyed getting to know over the last few months.

There would be no way for me to list everyone, but my deepest appreciation goes out to all who supported me and those who actively worked on my campaign (incl. Matt Hersh, Mindy Sutton, Dean Rindy, Jeff Smith, David Butts, Danny Fetonte, Barbara Fetonte, Micky Fetonte, Mindi Metzler, Cassie Foster, Jerry Spoor, Marion Mlotok, Krissy O’Brien, Robin Schneider, Lauren Macey, Carol Cespedes, Claudia Corum, Kay Iversen, Linda Bailey and many others).
From the unions and workers rights organizations to the environmental groups, I appreciate so much the trust you gave me with your endorsements and efforts. I regret that I won’t be able to continue to carry on our joint missions into the runoff, but I will be emphasizing the priorities I heard from you to the remaining candidates.
Finally, I also thank the local journalists who covered the race–Austin politics are being covered by quality journalists with great moral integrity.
I likely won’t be taking any phone calls today. I’m going to get some sleep.

Thank you, Bobby, for those words in support of local journalism. I can’t remember seeing any candidate thank the press in a concession speech. It shows a true appreciation for the democratic process.

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