DePalma and Levinski endorse Paige Ellis


Hardly surprising. Paige Ellis, who will face Frank Ward in a runoff election for the District 8 City Council seat on Dec. 11, has announced the support of the two other Dems that she bested in the general election.

Paige Ellis is pleased to announce that she has received the support of Rich DePalma and Bobby Levinski.
Ellis met with both candidates immediately after the November 6th election in a show of respect to their service and to form a unified voice on behalf of the voters of Southwest Austin in the runoff December 11th runoff election.
“During the course of the campaign I got to know both Rich DePalma and Bobby Levinski quite well, and I am honored to have their support heading into the December 11th runoff election,” said Ellis. “We agree that District 8 needs a voice that stands up for Southwest Austin, and not another roadblock to progress.”

Although the seat is currently occupied by Ellen Troxclair, Council’s lone Republican, it should be a relatively easy get for Ellis as long as Dem voters don’t get super-lazy (hardly a given). Although D8 is conservative compared to most others in Austin, it is not friendly territory for today’s GOP. An Ellis campaign source tells me that Hillary Clinton carried 65% of the district.

While Levinski and DePalma ran more conventional Council campaigns focused on city issues, Ellis has emphasized her identity as a Democrat and highlighted national and state issues that voters turning out to vote for Beto were likely to be familiar with. Now that she’s facing Ward, a Republican, in the runoff, you can bet that she will double-down on that strategy.

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