Good spot for affordable housing, but not enough units

Did you know that the city of Austin has a bunch of land lying around the city? A parcel here, a parcel there. For instance, this little plot of land in the Bryker Woods neighborhood, at the corner of W. 30th and Funston St., just east of MoPac.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 1.23.44 PM.png

I guess one of the next-door neighbors has taken the liberty of building a jungle gym on the vacant lot.

Anyway, tomorrow Council is set to approve the transfer of that land to the Austin Housing Finance Corporation “for the development of affordable residential housing.” From the Council agenda backup:

Following Council approval, the surplus property located at 3000 Funston Street will be transferred to the AHFC for development of a single-family home that will be part of the AHFC Community Land Trust portfolio.

This is exactly the kind of place where we need more income-restricted housing if we want to facilitate economic integration, but a single-family home? Wouldn’t it be better to see if we could get a few more units on this property? We just approved $250 million for affordable housing, but that money will get spent pretty quickly and help very few people if we spend a lot of it on structures that only accommodate one family.

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