More side-eye directed at robot buses

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus, which has self-driving capabilities.

Jessi Devenyns reports on a convo at the Urban Transportation Commission about the city’s strategic mobility plan. The city transportation department reported on the results of some feedback they’ve gotten from the masses about how they would like to move:

So far, Beaudet said, Austinites have told the department that affordability, commuter delay, travel choice, and health and safety are the most important issues on their minds. Innovation, which plays a large role in Capital Metro’s current Project Connect plan, was ranked last in the list of priorities.

Not terribly surprising. I can’t imagine “innovation,” without any corresponding context (innovation that will make you rich!) ranks high on anybody’s life goals. Still, it serves up a convenient excuse to throw some shade at Cap Metro’s plans to consider Automated Rapid Transit as a future form of high-capacity transit.

“They (Austinites) want a plan that’s going to work, and they want a plan that was going to work 10 years ago,” said Commissioner Jonathon Gins. He suggested that the city get down to “brass tacks” and start implementing a system that is proven to work rather than spend time studying the innovative solutions of the future.

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