City Council at its best

OK, maybe not its absolute best. Its absolute best would be fully funding the bicycle and sidewalk masterplan and turning Muny into a transit-oriented development. But with that said…

I was truly impressed by the kind words that Council members exchanged as they kicked off their last meeting today. With the exception of Pio Renteria, who was absent for medical reasons, everybody on the dais paid homage to Ora Houston and Ellen Troxclair, who are leaving Council. Those two more than returned the favor.

The fact that those two were frequently the only dissenting votes made the accolades bestowed on them all the more impressive. There are probably quite a few people who share my politics who found the whole thing puke-inducing, but as I referenced in my post earlier today, it’s really important for the overall political health of our community that the conservative minority be respected, even if we rarely pursue their policy preferences.

I was particularly impressed by Troxclair’s remarks. While she has gotten emotional a number of times on the dais, it’s usually come when she’s upset with her colleagues. Today, she expressed sincere gratitude for the colleagues with whom she has so often disagreed: “I think the city is very lucky to have you all as leaders.”

Here are a couple videos of the two, via Elizabeth Findell of the Statesman.



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