Jim Wick retires from campaigning

In a lengthy Facebook post this afternoon, prolific political consultant Jim Wick says he’s “hanging up my campaign manager clipboard.”

The greatest honor of his life was working to elect Barack Obama president. This is what he looked like during the 2008 campaign:


Here are some of his thoughts on his last decade in politics:

I turned 40 last October, spent much of my birthday in the campaign office just like I did when I turned 30, and now it’s time to reflect on the decade of service that I’ve just completed. The hardest part about it all has been keeping my mouth shut. I have a lot of opinions, as many of you know, but service isn’t about my opinions, and no service should ever be about promoting one’s own opinion or one’s own self.

I love every candidate I’ve ever worked with, and for all those that I helped elect or failed to elect, I believed then and I believe now that they were the right person for the job at the time. Mayor Lee Leffingwell brought my wife and I together, and Judge Karen Sage married us. I loved more than anything to be in the trenches with them, and all my candidates, to push for ideas and reform, and to win. I don’t like losing, and that will never change.

Since 2014 Wick has been Adler’s guy, running the mayor’s two elections as well as the 2016 transportation bond campaign that the mayor backed. Wick’s city portfolio includes a variety of high-profile political characters. They were all Democrats/liberals in some sense, but he had clients on both sides of the divide over development and growth.

Lee Leffingwell
Karen Sage
Valinda Bolton
Laura Morrison
Kathie Tovo
Andy Brown
Bill Spelman
Efrain De La Fuente (Lou Castaneda)
Ann Kitchen
Steve Adler

Wick doesn’t say what he’s going to be up to in the near future. But I do know at least one thing he’ll be doing: he’ll be a guest on Austin Monitor Radio on Wednesday at noon to discuss the potential expansion of the Austin Convention Center with me. I’ll be hosting the discussion and hopefully will find somebody who opposes the expansion to counter Wick –– if not I’ll have to play the part myself.



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