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Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for stopping by AustinPolitics.NET. Whether you’re a first time visitor or you’ve been a loyal reader since I began the blog this spring, I am truly flattered that you’re spending a few moments of your day considering what I have to say about the big issues in our community.

All that I’ve done for AustinPolitics.NET up until this point has been unpaid. I spend hours each day working on this blog in addition to the paid work that I do as a freelance writer to make a living.

I don’t mind writing about politics for free. The problem is, to do that, I need a lot of spare time. I have a fair bit of free time now, but I don’t expect I’ll have much come April, when I am due to become a parent.

Parenthood WILL NOT be the end of this blog. In fact, my plan is to make the blog even better by dedicating even more time to it!

That will only be possible with your support. I’m asking you to support the blog by becoming a subscriber for either $10/month or $100/year. In return, you’ll receive a daily newsletter in your inbox with exclusive analysis and scoops that will only be available to subscribers.

Meanwhile, because of your support, I will be able to continue providing in-depth reporting and analysis to the community on AustinPolitics.NET for free.

When I began to ask for advice on how to fund this blog, the counsel I usually received was to seek a few large sponsors rather than to go for a large number of small subscribers. I do not want to do that because I did not want to be financially dependent on any single person or entity who may have an interest in influencing my coverage of local affairs. My pledge to you is to remain independent.

So if you have enjoyed my blog, find it useful or believe that independent, local journalism is a cause worth supporting, please consider becoming a subscriber.

Thank you so much.


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  1. Jack,

    I would enjoy meeting you. I am out of town now but will be back Friday night. How does next week look for you?

    Yes. I would like to become a subscriber. You are damn good.


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