A glimpse of scooter trends in Austin

The folks at the Austin Transportation Department have put together some really cool data on dockless transportation.

For starters, there’s an interactive map that lets you see where trips are beginning and ending. For instance, I clicked right next to City Hall and see that more than 31,000 trips have terminated in that specific hexagon. And then it shows you where all of the trips that ended in that area began. Most of the trips originated nearby, but the yellow shows that people have taken trips from much further away. Somebody even took a trip all the way from just south of Anderson Lane.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 11.09.51 AM.png

And then there’s the cumulative stats month-by-month. Here was December:

Total trips: 301,890

Total miles: 305,594

Average ride: 1.03 miles & 12.31 minutes

The stats show that use steadily increased each month from when the scooters were first legalized in May.

June: 67,647

July: 119,205

August: 290,075

September: 312,829

October: 359,058

The near-tripling in use from July to August is undoubtedly linked to the start of the UT semester. Since then we’ve started to see a slight decline:

November: 351,161

December: 301,890

January (thru Jan. 15): 96,052

The drops in December and January are also likely linked to UT students being out of town, since classes don’t begin until Jan. 22. Inclement weather may have also played a role in the decline.

The above figures representĀ allĀ dockless modes, but scooters consistently account for about 95% of all of the dockless trips, with bikes only generating a few thousand trips a month.

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