Cap Metro: free rides for federal workers

While local food shelters prepare to serve furloughed government workers who are missing paychecks, Cap Metro is chipping in by offering free rides to local employees of Uncle Sam.

Federal workers affected by the partial shutdown can get free rides by showing their federal government employee ID to the bus operator or fare inspector. The free rides are valid on all Capital Metro services, including MetroRail and MetroAccess, the agency’s paratransit services.

“This is not about politics; it’s about being there for our community,” said Capital Metro President and CEO Randy Clarke. “Taking care of neighbors in need is the right thing to do. We hope that the free fares allow those who are serving our country to keep moving through this difficult time.”

In his first year at the helm of Cap Metro, Clark has made a big point of being a cheerleader for public services and public employees. Unlike many of his predecessors, he is actually a transit user, a fact that he frequently celebrates on social media.


New Year’s …

And of course, the Novia Scotia native would be remiss to neglect Boxing Day.

In addition to showing solidarity with victims of Trump’s tantrum, offering free rides to any significant segment of people offers the opportunity to create more long-term transit users. Hence Cap Metro’s decision to permanently make bus fares free to K-12 students. If they grow up taking the bus for free, they’ll hopefully continue taking it as paying adults.

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