Remember Laura Pressley?


Council Member Greg Casar just sent out an email announcing that his ongoing legal battle with Laura Pressley, the conspiracy theorist who he beat in 2014, is finally over.

The ruling itself is predictable. Pressley had no case and the lower courts had dismissed her claims as baseless and frivolous. On its face, it just seems like the typical lost cause launched by a delusional, fringe activist. Pressley, if you’ll recall:

Believes that 9/11 was the result of a controlled demolition

Claimed that smart meters make her leg shake

Is a vehement opponent of fluoride in water

Accused her opponent of being an atheist and claimed that made him ineligible to hold public office

Basically, the kind of the stuff you’d expect from a viable Republican presidential candidate, but not a serious candidate for Austin City Council.

And yet, Pressley actually enjoyed support from establishment players.

In what no doubt was an extraordinary embarrassment to the Austin American-Statesman’s City Hall reporters, the Statesman’s editorial board endorsed Pressley over Casar, citing concerns about Casar’s affinity for density. To the Statesman’s credit, the ed board later revised its opinion after learning of Pressley’s views on 9/11.

The Austin Neighborhoods Council, for which Pressley served as a top officer, stuck by their candidate. In fact, this is how David King, who later went on to serve as ANC president, responded in an email to his ANC colleagues in response to concerns raised about Pressley’s views:

This topic reminds me of the “gutter” tactics used by Rush Limbaugh to discredit candidates for political offices.
Laura Pressley‘s views on 9-11 and fluoride are not extraordinary and are shared by many other reasonable people.
This last minute attempt to impugn her character will not succeed, but will show the true character of the forces that oppose her neighborhood-friendly policies.
Thank you,
David King
Zilker Neighborhood Resident

In the same email thread, another ANC leader, Brad Parsons chimed in:

Here is the original science journal article all the brouhaha is about. The article was submitted by members of the Physics Dept. at Brigham Young Univ. and the Chemistry Dept. at Univ. of Copenhagen, among others.  2,300 professional architects and engineers agree with them.  The Bush Administration never fully explained the events of 9/11. 

Brad Parsons,

NW Austin

And then there was ANC’s East sector representative, Daniel Llanes:

Elections, rhetoric, and even Laura Pressley aside,  when I saw, live on TV, the twin towers go down, my first reaction, without anything besides just watching on the spot, was “this is a demolition!?!”  That and the notion that these guys got though all U.S. defenses just doesn’t ring true.  Inside job dude

Government lies, we were lied to about Viet Nam, the Kennedy, King & even John Lennon, and let’s not forget Nixon & Watergate.  Don’t get me started.  Government lies, power corrupts and we cannot allow absolute power to be concentrated in the few.
The at large system it self was a lie, a fake system to keep certain populations from sharing power.
Once again, you favor a candidate, put forth their merits.  If you have to tear someone else down, you got nothing.
River Bluff Neighborhood
These were not rank-and-file neighborhood activists. All three have served on ANC’s executive committee and one as president.
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