Where are Austin’s children?

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Great map put together by the city demographer’s office that shows the share of the population under age 5 by census tract. The most apparent trend is the high number of young children in the Northeast and Southeast.

However, the map also shows a high child population in some Central East Austin tracts just east of I-35. That runs counter to the popular perception that these neighborhoods have been completely overtaken by affluent young singles. I wish I had more precise data on the demographics of these children. I have no idea what percentage of these kids are the children of gentrifiers.

It’s worth noting that some of the areas with the highest percentage of young children are also home to schools dealing with severe under-enrollment. Meanwhile, schools located in affluent Central Austin neighborhoods with the lowest percentage of children are not under-enrolled. To what extent is this the result of AISD’s transfer policy? It will be interesting to see in the coming years whether the large population of toddlers and babies on the east side translates into increased enrollment in east side schools.

As for the high child population in the northeast and southeast, that clearly correlates with where the immigrant population is settling. The map below shows the percentage of foreign-born residents. These are the kinds of maps that give Republicans anxiety attacks.

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