Manchaca neighbors: Protect our home values

I’ve mentioned before that the most common complaint you hear about home values at City Hall is that they won’t stop going up. Neighbors in affluent or gentrifying areas say they’re worried about commercial or new residential properties raising property values, increasing property taxes and pricing them out of the neighborhood.

However, you do occasionally hear the traditional NIMBY complaint about a development harming home values. I caught a glimpse of that in reviewing the comments submitted by neighbors in opposition to a zoning change sought on the corner of M(en/an)chaca and Inverness. The property owner wants to have a single-family lot rezoned to “Limited Office.”

LO generally allows professional offices, small medical office, daycare, religious assembly, group home and, gasp, residential treatment centers. It definitely does not allow strip clubs. The owner tells staff that he found a prospective tenant interested in putting an insurance office there.

Anyway, the neighbors are worried about the impact this may have on “quality of life” and home values.

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If this case was in front of the Zoning and Platting Commission, there would be no chance of the requested zoning getting recommended. Neighbors are against it, nuff said. It will be interesting to see what Planning Commission does.

Yes, we do need more housing but part of creating a walkable/transit-oriented city is not relying on office parks off the highway for all of our commerce. That’s especially important for daily amenities, such as grocery stores, but having any kind of employer mixed in with residential neighborhoods makes it easier for workers to walk, bike or take transit to work.

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